by caitlynpickens

The class moved amazingly quickly in the second week. We encountered another cut in our classtime due to a second funeral conducted in the school. Between that, a couple of lessons Jory implemented that weren’t centered on using computers but focused on computing-related topics, and the end-of-the-workshop celebrations, we didn’t have much time to work on Alice. We allowed students to finish their Alice projects, and then awarded a couple of prizes to the most advanced ones. The awards (almost by default) went to our students who attended the course regularly, because they were able to spend the most time on their projects.

My favorite part of the workshop this year was watching the students show off their projects to the 5th and 6th grade students in the wopila. It was really exciting to see them teaching the younger students how Alice works, and it was exciting to see the younger students eager to be old enough to take the GUWA class.


At the final lunch celebration, just before dismissal, we were able to hand out Spartan gear to the students as a gift (courtesy of the MSU bookstore).